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Screen not rotating 90 degrees when head does(ingame)
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Part 1
This is when leaning and when you use the lowest prone you can get in. In third person you can clearly see the head is rotated when leaning to the right or when at the lowest prone(rolled to right with the gun just above the ground. So my idea is to make the screen rotate with the head I don't know if it would make people look retardet when playing the game(rotating their own head too), but i think it's worth a try at least for realisms sake. Btw i noticed when you roll it does rotate with the head so maybe you're about to implement it anyways, do you had that in arma 2 too.

Part 2
This is actually ugly, when aiming with scopes while doing the lowest prone the scope looks like it's not rotated even if you're head and gun(scope) is rotated 90 degrees. If you're going to stick with the 2d texture scopes anyways. {F19260} {F19261} {F19262} {F19263}


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Go prone-> default ctr+s-> screen doesn't rotate -> aim with scope, scope isn't rotated either
Lean right or left-> screen doesn't rotate

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It would give the game a realistic feel when doing those things. My ONLY WORRY would be the controls, should they be reversed sideways or just remains true to the unrotated human head or what?

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