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Add working cockpit displays and avionics for helicopters and later planes
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I just noticed that the cockpit displays of the KA60(not the regular avionics) only show the vehicles position in flight, neither the speed, nor the height.
I think it would be worth it to implement it into the game for immersion and it would also be beneficial for realism, for obvious reasons.

Another thing I thought about: What about making it possible to display a GPS on one of the displays in the cockpit? Would be great if you're using TrackIR as well.


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  1. Get into a KA60.
  2. Turn on the engines(and also the electronics).
  3. Look at the cockpit displays.

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It would also be great to make those displays customizable like in real aircraft, by that I mean that you should be able to choose what you want on which display, for instance a map on display 1 and the weapons on display 2.

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It would be great if you could remove the digital speed indicator on the top and just have the one in the cockpit. Maybe have it as an option when hosting a server.

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