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Remake/Redesign OPFOR helmet
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So far i havent heard one single guy say that the opfor helmet is a good looking item in Arma III, its visuals personaly its extremly ugly, i see the idea but it just didnt match Arma at all for me.

I beg you, remake this helmet, give them helmets without tactical glasses in the helm, and let us choose what glasses we want.

It just, makes me laugh everytime i look at it.

Picture provided upload and link: {F19230}


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Laywiin is right, if this part of equipment don't have any ingame functionality, that must be hidden ;)
And because when you have that helmet and wear some glasses, they overlapped
Yes, its small design mistake, but must be fixed, Thank you :)

It does look a bit too far fetched...Like 2110 rather than 2025 - 2030.

Looks like something the Engineer from "Prometheus" would wear.

I totally agree it just looks horrible!

When I saw the first screenshots with OPFOR infantry, my thoughts were "these must be some black ops special forces guys". I never thought, that the whole infantry would look like that.

Also there is an overall inconsistency with OPFOR gear. The helmet and uniform design is more sci-fi, than just modern, yet they still use vests based on LBV (introduced in 1988) and Katiba is just a solid rifle, nothing very unusual about it.

I like the fact, that OPFOR has different design and style than BLUFOR, it's just it looks like OPFOR was created by combining elements taken from two separate designs. I would left the rifle and the vest like they are now, but the helmet and uniform could be redesigned to match the "not so new and advanced" rest.

Maybe something like this would be better?

The OPFOR helmet looks weird because of "sinister" V-shaped tactical displays and protruding electronic bays, which support them. Remove these and the helmet starts looking all right, kind of similar to Russian Sfera helmets.

In the uniform I absolutely love the camouflage pattern, the additions of ventilation mesh and reinforced noncamouflaged fabric. But the armoured arms, neck and ventilation vents on the back look weird, like if it was a Crysis power suit or something like that.

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Totally agree, and this is sad, because it kills alot of the game experience for me :)

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