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AI to not take cover (tree, rock, bushes, prone etc.) when given a "move there" order.
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When AI are sent to a given location, they do not seek out the best cover available at the given location. They should find a tree or boulder or large rock or at least kneel or go prone (based on availability) at the destination. The same thing should happen if they start taking fire, they should seek there nearest cover or concealment and adjust their stance as appropriate. Basically, they should act in the way DYSLEXIA teaches in his infantry video.


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Give a 'more there' order once you have selected all. They do not seek cover.

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DYSLEXIA? You want the AI to have a broad terminology defining an anomalous approach to processing information?

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The AI really should take cover when in a firefight, but I don't see why you want them to get into cover when they're not in a firefight.

Right. Ai seem not recognize environment for cover correctly. This fix would change the whole game ( for best! ).

This is all about CONTEXT - The AI cannot do this because it doesn't understand Context.

Will everyone stop posting AI fixes without understanding the idea of Context. There is NO GAME, on the planet right now that has fully Contextualised AI. If it does it is a very limited AI and in a very limited Environment.

You are trying to make AI react like Humans in a Completely Open Sandbox World! ......Do you have any idea how Complex this is? It's never been achieved by Researchers or Universities working on AI....

Seriously guys...

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Once again, this has already been done before (see OF:DR AI Mods) and they do it just fine. Don't over think it. We command (move 200 meters forward) they they find the nearest rock, tree, bush or lacking anything get down.

And mwnciboo it's already been done in 2009 so what bleep are you talking about? BI is not going to need a direct line to the NSA and NASA to make this happen. Move there - seek tree -no tree - seek rock and kneel - no rock - seek bush and go prone - no bush - go prone and await orders.

You can use that if you want Astaroth, no charge!

AD2001 - And you, 6 guys go to a crest and five of them get in cover and one stands up in the open. Who's the one first one getting shot by the enemy they didn't see?

Anybody else?


"Move there - seek tree -no tree - seek rock and kneel - no rock - seek bush and go prone - no bush - go prone and await orders."

What you described is exactly what the AI does now, and everyone complains that they "Don't use Windows" "they don't take cover" "They don't react realistically" "The AI doesn't behave in a Human manner" "What they do doesn't make sense?" "They don't garrison Buildings" "They don't Clear Buildings properly" "they lean the wrong way and shoot walls" etc etc ad infinitum.

Really what was done in 2009 ? A full Contextualized AI that understood the world it occupied and interacted with it in a human manner? Are you sure? Because that would be the Holy Grail of AI, "the ability to independently Problem Solve without assistance" John Rogers Searle would love to know about it if it was done back in 2009.

By the way "Direct line to the NSA and NASA" do by any chance wear a Tin-foil hat and believe in Internet Conspiracy Theories? You are a Lunatic, I'm trying to explain that the AI cannot behave like in Dyslecxi's Guide because they aren't human. They can try and mimic Human behaviour but because you cannot map the Millions of variables of human action and reaction into a simple script you cannot and will not ever get a realistic, natural looking AI.

Stop Raging, and think about trying to solve ARMA's problems shouting at everyone doesn't help. The concepts of "Weak AI" and "Strong AI" and things which obey rules passing as "Intelligent" when they merely follow strict rules.

The best AI Mod (headless client AI) literally kills the Server because it is so back-end intensive (it isn't a true AI), it's a massive set of complex Rules. So if you have too many AI (50 enemy on a top end server) your server literally starts dying.

We can tweak what we have already, but a major overhaul of AI isn't going to happen, ARMA Beta wouldn't be ready until 2014 at the earliest!

You do realize that we don't give orders to OPFOR AI right? 'Move There' is an order in the choose-able list of commands. All we want is to program this basic doctrine: "Move there - seek tree -no tree - seek rock and kneel - no rock - seek bush and go prone - no bush - go prone and await orders" - into the 4,6 or ten guys that we control with the F keys or the space bar.

PS - Where did I rage? You should have seen what I deleted.

I agree. Currently if you want to place an AI in a good spot you have to issue 3 commands (move, get down/stay crouched, watch direction). This takes too much time.

Here is a decent picture of how the AI might react to different scenarios based on the available cover at or near the "move there" command. I know BIS may not like Codemasters, but at the same time, why reinvent the wheel when it comes to what they, or their modders, got right.

AI doesn't use natural environment as a cover and most times they don't even spot an enemy fast enought when walking middle of the road towards the threat. In most cases it will irrationally expose their positions gathering in groups of few on the side of my muzzle - crossing line of fire and being killed by mine and enemy bullets. They will climb onto hill exposing their asses to the enemy in the valley 100m far - resulting in whole squad KIA. Of course much depend on the mission design, but MD has nothing to do with AI acting stupid.
It seems that AI is the reason why there aren't many features that could be in game since A2. So, or we'll left AI as it is and start to add features the AI won't probably never use correctly, or start adding features and 'teach' the AI how to use them correctly... Which will prolly take next 10 years. Not very optimistic view.