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ballistic computer doesn't reduce the ammo count when used to fire a weapon
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I have enabled the ballistic computer via mod in the Mk6 mortar so the firing modes appear on screen and when i give the fire command the mortar fires but the ammo count stays the same. If I go out of the ballistic computer the ammo count of the magazine is the same as before getting in the ballistic computer.
In fact, this gives unlimited ammo


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Er I might have the wrong of the stick - But if this is a MOD why is it BIS responsibility to sort it out?

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The mod was just to allow me to use the ballistic computer in the Mk6 mortar. The bug is that whenever I use the Ballistic computer the ammo count doesn't go down

Ah ok, As an Ex-Artillery Observer , I get really into this subject.

It's a bit strange because from a Reality point of view, a Ballistic Computer wouldn't keep tabs on Ammunition (unless in the case of something like an integrated Fire Control Management Solution on say an MLRS).

So i think this must be a bit of a fudge, this is a good opportunity to either integrate Ammunition into a Ballistic Computer (so a Fire Control System), or separate it entirely.

E.g the Ballistic Computer is there to computer results, then we dial in the results into the Mortar itself. (I know in previous examples and MODs it has been implemented in an Ad-Hoc manner).

But I would like to see this done, full on with the Ballistic Computer used to calculate values based on Map, GPS or Lased positions, then the values we would dial into the Mortar sight and use Ranging Poles etc.

Ammunition would then be held in Plastic Cases like this (see picture)
, because this how Soldiers do it in the field, then prep the rounds for firing (e.g Fuse settings and Charge Setting for range.)

This would do 2 things, make the Mortar only as accurate as your inputs, and the subsequent dialing in, and also allow the divorcing of the Ammunition from the Ballistic Computer.

I reckon if Ballistic Computer wasn't enabled, then it's probably not finished - includeing this bug and possibly others. Besides, that may be the mod problem by itself.

Closing as it's fixed (for a long time probably).