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Rappelling! From Helicopters onto roofs, from the roof to the ground, down cliff faces, into the water!
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It think that adding rappelling to the game would make it sooo much cooler and realistic. For example, if a helo has to drop off a squad at a LZ, and they come under fire, or need to drop everyone ASAP, I think its much more sensible to let the soldiers rappel down a rope onto the ground, or onto say a roof top. It would also be a really cool feature to let soldiers rappel down cliffs or roofs. I think this could really help make the game awesome and more realistic.


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it is a great idea but i think there is a ticket for it already.

However i dont really see rappeling being a big thing other than out of a chopper.

YEAH. out a chopper. good i dea, off of roof and stuff is cool too.

I dont think there was. I searched before submitting :) And This would srsly add a whole new element to tactics for storming a base or whatnot.

Dude i have had trouble finding duplicate tickets too, but I'm telling you, i read about rappelling some where... I'm just saying. But if there is one, mad dog will find it.

Oh no I believe you. I just couldn't find it myself ;) No worries mate, we all want to make the game better than other (which it already is) :D

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Upvoted, i always loved rappels and fastroping, but remember this: Fast roping takes longer and is unsafer than normal landing and take off, its barely used at all when the pilot must inserct in very small areas (for example, a big city, or in forests) and in real life almost no military force do that kind of inserction

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Duplicate of #3909

(different techniques, but essentially the same activity)

Duplicate of #3909. Closing.