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[Feature Req] Introduce new scripting command to prevent breakable objects (fences, lamps) from breaking by collision (canBreak)
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I suggest to introduce new scripting command that will prevent breakable objects like fences, lamp posts from being destroyed by collision with other vehicles. Currently having enableSimulation, allowDamage, addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}] only helps from gun fire and explosions while any kind of vehicle can simply collide with the object and break it.

My suggested command name is "canBreak" Suggested syntax:

<object> canBreak <bool>

So by setting certain vehicle to canBreak true it will never break and act as absolutely solid object that cannot be broken down by anything and will deflect omit all collision damage to it.


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I believe they have already dealt with this and it is on purpose likewise. I don't find it very unrealistic as it is. Actually, I don't understand why it should be changed and why so many upvotes (?)
The reasons why it should remain as it is:
1.Tactical option.We can choose to destroy on purpose, e.g.break down a fence with ifrit to make a passage, break lamp posts to turn off lights from an area.
2.Various vehicles collision effects have already been adjusted. E.g. Quad bikes cannot break same stuff with ifrits, arma2 Tanks bring down trees easily.
3.If this suggestion will be applied, then tanks will also not be able to break a post.
Since SaMatra says "...any kind of vehicle..." is seems he means that there are some vehicles that should not be able to break certain objects, e.g. hunter vs post, or quad vs fence.
But if I have to pick between such unbreakable objects and objects that break
by quads, I would prefer the 2nd...

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 1:55 PM

No I mean an ability to make certain objects completely invincible to collision with vehicles (currently you can apply allowDamage false to a lamp post and even hit from tank shell will not break it down but if you collide with it, it will go down). There will be plenty of uses for such scripting command, for example if you make public night time cooperative mission and you have lamp posts on the base you will likely want to make lamp posts invincible so that they will light up the area for players that join the game and spawn at base. Yes it is not realistic but ArmA is not a simulator of breakable lamp posts and such moments can be unrealistic for sake of smoother experience for the players if mission designer needs it.

I see.I agree it would be nice to have this option on the map editor, or make some certain objects invincible, while others not.
Now I am sorry for downvoting, since it seems easy to implement.

Interesting, we can change our votes of choice!
I upvote only if not everything goes invincible :p

I changed "vehicle" to "object" so it will be more clear what command should do.

This ticket needs some attention, it will be 2 years soon

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 1:11 PM

allowDamage? Could also recreate the object as simpleObject.

allowDamage doesn't stop that.