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AI can't leave small area within radio towers
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I will confirm this later today
There is an area inside the radio tower area, 1.5 kilometers west of the Kamino lighthouse, that my AI subordinates could not leave. I tried regroup command, move command, guy could not leave the area inside and just outside the door of the small building. I finally got him to leave by switching to him, and leaving, then switching back to myself. After that he behaved fine.
Also, this area has a label, "ground". I didn't think the ground should have any identification, like vehicles/structures/ai etc etc.
see screenshot. I wonder if this has something to do with it?


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There is an option to add an object called "ground" in editor. It is a container. But as we try to reproduce on place you marked we wasn't able to find anything like that on this position by default.

If you meet this situation again:

1] make sure you have vanilla version of ARMA with no unofficial addons
2] Try it via editor
3] If it still occours / make a video or more screenshots from different angles so we can better locate this point.

Thank you.

updated to .56, this problem is no longer happening, at least not in this location.
I updated this morning and went into the editor and tried to reproduce the issue, and not only did my subordinates have no problem leaving the area to regroup, but there is no long a "ground" id present, which as you indicated is really a container. Someone there must have done a quick fix. Looks like it's problem solved! Thank you! (new fog looks FANTASTIC by the way, this game is the best game available and you guys are the best game-team in existence, and it's only an alpha!!)

On one mission, I told the AI to plant a demo charge directly under one of these towers, the one farther in the perspective on the screen. He did it, but then got stuck and wasn't able to move. He just stood there and didn't react to move commands.

Now, with the latest 0.56 build, I tried to reproduce in the editor and this time he planted and moved from under the tower without problems. Also AI navigated the shed there, walked around all over the place and didn't stuck, not even once.

Previously there were "ground" objects around, but now they're gone. Looks like it's fixed.

So we are closing this issue as resoved. Thank you for your report and keep up the good work for the game and community.

Mass close.