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sick of this hacker community on arma from Dayz
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it just type in google hack arma and falls on community sites to hack explains how to use hack to target Dayz. The problem is that they hack our player community seeking military simulation because it is too complicated for them. Since the last update to the 0.55 version of my mission-type warfare that I change with other player does not work then what functioned without problem before your last update. I think know the steps you have taken against the script abuse. But we are faithful to BI, we could not edit or play !!! :-(


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It is with a heavy heart that I am tired of seeing players who are nothing to do with a military simulation destroy this community. Rich and free to be able to move ourselves this game, there are not many games or you can have the tools and knowledge to be able to edit our missions. I do not want a game with this restriction is, that's why its been 10 years that I play in arma.
I hope that will soon return BattlEye join us on arma :-(

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On the ArmA 2 servers I always play on with some of my friends (some of them are the admins and moderators of these servers) we have Battleye, a Community Banlist and we also check the logs whenever possible to avoid getting hackers on the server. Till now, no hacker has ever managed to hack without being noticed, we definitely need these possibilities on ArmA 3 as well!

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Not seeing any actual bug report here except general complaining about hackers. Such things don't really belong here. Try the forums.