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Suggest: Same kind of units/weapons for both sides feels ridiculous
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As far as we can see there are lot of same weapons and even vehicles on both sides.

This leads to:

  1. Balanced units for cost of feeling lack any realism in this way
  2. Looks (sorry for that but) stupid

On one side of the conflict are * United states and on the other some middle east state. Since they are not look like Jews I presume they are not supported by "west world" and due to that they are very unlike to use the same technology (speedboat, GMG/HMG turrets, SDAR) as USArmy. Sorry but that looks ridiculous. And the other side - that US are using some middle east or russian technology seems even more like a bad joke.

*) as far as the names of units/soliders and lack of any style

I see this is alpha version - not even beta and we are supposed to try what the game should offer but I hope in final version there will not be this cross side connections on higher level then sidearms or grenades.


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Its not the US army alone, its NATO. And opfor is Iran, most weapons are based on real life ones or prototypes.

this is 2035...Who says Iran cant have this technology?

Military standards are pretty much the same world wide in a sense i imagine, so of course both sides will be balanced, all militaries pretty much have the same class of troops, same class of vehicles, and same class of weapons etc. Doesn't make sense why one side would be more powerfull than the other =/

Also as stated, why the cross mix of arsenal, it is because blufor is NATO and not the US specifically.

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This is still the alpha with limited content. The full game will have much more and varied units and weapons.