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No entrry 'config.bin/CfgMarkers.Warning
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This warning pops up for me, while driving towards an objective when I placed a default marker. It's first one in my mission after I get on/in a vehicle and drive towards it.

My friend that I play with also get the warning but only on my mission, not on his.

I can't find what's wrong, maybe some of you can. {F19177} {F19178}


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You can try out my mission, it's for 2 ppl only. Error pops up when playiong not testing it from the editor.

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Would be nice to know what that Error means exactly, so that I can check for bugs in my missions.

I shall tell you that this error message pop ups for me usually in the road between agia marina and the airstrip pathway

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this always happens to me when i use a civilian settlement module. I get the error along with a hint that says "auto jede"

I can confirm that it's the civilian module that is causing the error msg.

I just deleted my Civilian modules from the mission and the warning msg don't show anymore.

Spezialkrafte.Stratis.7z [^] (9,628 bytes) 2013-05-04 10:23

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Thanks for pointing it out. Closing as duplicate.