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Low FPS at night Down By Over 50%
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Beta 0.55.104588

When I change nothing but the time of day the FPS seems to drop by two thirds at night.

In Daylight I got 66 fps and at night 17fps while looking out to see.

I haven't noticed this in previous builds but I hadn't updated for a week or so.


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Stand at the airport look out to see in daytime and use whatever FPS you want.

Additional Information

CPU I5 3.5ghz NV680 GPU usage drops from around 80% to 20% at night.

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Agreed. Changes to the dynamic lighting in dev build 0.55.104588 have caused severe performance issues - particularly around Agia and the airport where there are a lot of lights.

Can confirm this. 60 FPS in day and 18 at night same scene... Switching dynamic lighting or HDR to 'low' makes no difference (assume it's a lighting problem due to the latest updates).

Hope don't have to change the lighting back to how it was... It looks so much better now in towns :)

EDIT: Also noticed GPU usage was significantly lower at night.

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Same problem here. Development branch Hardly playable at night. Mostly noticeable in air station Stratis (but still very low FPS everywhere on the map). Sometimes game even "freezes" for few seconds (not a MP sync issue). I haven't noticed any performance issues during daytime.

os: updated Windows 7 64bit
cpu: Intel Core i5-2500K
gfx: nVidia GTX560Ti with driver version 314.22

60FPS day, 25FPS night, 13-18FPS with NVGs on.

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Can confirm this. 50-60 FPS during day, down to 12 at night.

i7 3.4 GHz
GTX 680
8 Gb RAM
Win7 64

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Reproduced and confirmed in current dev build.

i tried dev build today and wow huuuge drop in fps....went straight back into the stable branch! upvoted

Improved in today's dev build, now around 25-35 fps average rather than 18. Still needs work though.

When flying over the airfield I noticed that the lighting seemed more 'flickery' than yesterday; rendering and then disappearing for a second in various areas.

Also, only about a quarter of Agia Marina is lit up, is it meant to be like that?

It's a lot better now, thanks!

This has been fixed.

If the issue is still reproducable for you, please request that this ticket be re-opened. (Either PM me on the forums or create a ticket referencing this one.)