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Current craters do not live up to arma 3 standard
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Terrain actually being deformed by big explosions from satchels and so on could be cool and would fit more into the new arma 3. They would effect vehicles driving over them. Just like in VBS 2, bf and so on. My only worry would be lag, when firing lots of missiles from choppers etc. {F19165} {F19166}


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inspect a crater(from satchel or the almost invisible ones from chopper misilles) and notice that they are flat and 2D like, or are almost invisible.

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VBS2 had it, which is an arma-like game. This would also be cool for when they add heavier weapons like artillery vehicles and jets and bigger planes. Who knows maybe they already planned it.

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I even think VBS2 and arma 3 is based on the same engine

Before they updated the engine for arma 3

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I think that this could be much easier to implement than physx based building damage. Anyway im surprised that it was one of the most wanted features for A2 and now it gets only 21? I think that people are tired of waiting lol. Texture craters really doesnt fit right to ArmA 3 beautiness. Even modeled ones (like aftercrash ground bruise) would be better, but if mud is possible with physx 3 implementation (one of its features is simulating different surfaces) terrain deformation probably too.

see this: ;)

graphically this isn't as good compared to ArmA 3 but physically... well check for yourself, swinging antennas on the vehicles, environment is reacting to force, not only ground is deformable but also bushes, trees are reacting much more realistic to the force than in A3 Alpha. You can even get that rustling sound we heard in 2001 OFP when passing through the bushes and trees. There is even a river with running water. ArmA 3 could easily became game of decade with these features on map size like Altis.


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WOW this Spin-Tires is awesome,
even the tiers are getting squashed by the rocks and all!
This one even has mud simulated, EPIC!
Never heard of that game, thanks fragmachine!

When they announced that Physx will be in, I had this in mind.
I guess we will have to wait for ArmaA4, or 5.

Anyway, back to topic, upvoted!

For some reason I can understand why vegetation in A3 have limits but I would like to see at least proper craters and mud simulation in final game. Imagine, what vehicle would you choose if there would be muddy terrain - wheeled or tracked? Obviously i would choose tracked - slowest, more expensive in exploitation than wheeled but at least will take me to the missions location. If there would by sunny, dry day i would probably go with wheeled to get as fast to the location as I can. There is countless of possibilities.

BTW: You can actually download demo of Spin Tires:

Wow you guys sure have a lot of ideas :D

Honestly I don't even care if they buy the technology from Oovee, I just so want the feature to be in the game! It would add a whole new level of realism and immersion, like actually getting stuck in the mud and have to radio the combat logistics company for help, and no more super slow hill climbers.
I just think that they are not experienced with the PhysX engine and can't explore the true possibilities that lies beyond, building destruction is only the basics.
Well you can also blame the weird multiplayer framework that they don't seem to plan on changing.

They could buy it from Oovee or implement it by Physx i don't really care how they would implement - but I want to see it in game :) Now some folks getting excited and their jaw drop on the floor when BIS publish some new vehicle or gun - but what really matters and what make this game are the features that can't be done by modders - features that are gameplay - changing.

Craters in which infantry can hide waiting for CAS - and ones that aren't embarrasing no more in the gaming community - but rather giving you real reason for dropping your jaw to the floor - and then instantly visual fidelity going along with gameplay opportunities.

I would mostly appreciate some surface simulation like slickness, mud or sand in which wheeled vehicles can stuck. Then we would need another vehicle to tow us out. This would give priority to roads and would put an accent to control them. No more truck running mindlessly through plowed field. It would also add more depth into tank combat.

I remember FFUR mod for OFP which added modeled craters. Even these modeled ones would look much better than what we have now. It's been like that since first OFP and it would be nice if ArmA 3 would open up new era in Virtual Reality history.

I don't think you can have that level of detail that you're talking about in the current game, i don't know if you have noticed that the terrain in Arma doesn't have very many polygons, but an object crater is definitely possible.