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"Take" command has way too big radius - probably other "utilitarian" commands as well
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It's possible to assign an AI squadmember to go and pick up a rifle laying on the ground 1km away (and possibly even further). After a series of battles over the whole Stratis, the action menu was absolutely cluttered with lots of "take rifle" commands. Sometimes I had to scroll through 5-6 pages in order to get to a command I want to give, for example "treat yourself".

Also I had a problem with rearming AI squadmembers without ammunition. The mission was 8h long. I wanted them to switch to OPFOR weapons, but it was impossible with the action menu and I had to take care of them one by one, either by ordering them to check out a specific body or by impersonating as them for a while and doing the weapon switch myself. That cost me a lot of time and wasn't fun at all.

There should me more reasonable radius, within which it's possible to order an action. I propose between 100-200m, when I want something from more afar, I'll go there with the whole squad anyway. Outside of that radius the command shouldn't appear in the action menu.


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Steps To Reproduce


  1. Place a Hunter HMG at one end of Stratis' runway and make the player as gunner.
  2. Place OPFOR soldier in front of the Hunter.


  1. Shoot the OPFOR soldier and then drive to the other end of the runway.
  2. While there, tell your subordinate AI to disembark.
  1. Then open action menu (F2, 6) and see that there is a command "Take Katiba", regardless of it being more than 1km away.
Additional Information

The above applies to any command, that tells the AI to leave the squad and go away to do something. If I ever want the AI to pick that 1km-away-rifle, I should issue a "move" order, to have the AI to go into the vincinity of the rifle and only then I should issue "take" command.

The above doesn't apply to "target" menu, which is fine. I may want to attack a target 1km away, for example with an AT rocket or a tank's main gun.

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It's fixed. Ticket can be closed.

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