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Error in expression <3\ui_f\scripts\initDisplay.sqf"
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Error in expression <3\ui_f\scripts\initDisplay.sqf"
private ["_mode","_params","_class"];

with uina>

  Error position: <["_mode","_params","_class"];

with uina>

Error Missing ;

File A3\ui_f\scripts\initDisplay.sqf, line 1

spams it over and over something to do with respawn script. It does it in MP and Editor.


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check local .rpt file you probably have it many times.

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Are we talking about DEFAULT respawn function provided by BIS ?

yeah default when you die and start over

When does this happen? You mention respawn - if it happens when player is respawning, please mention in what mission it's happening or what kind of respawn is used.

When? Erm, about a month ago :) You can close this, havent seen this error in donkey years

Solved itself (the best kind of issue)

Mass close.