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vehicles/units warp when far from observer
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  • look at vehicles moving at large distance and observe warping, like the bug fixed in ArmA 2 in 1.62


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observe any vehicle (and infantry??) move at large distance and observe warping between positions i.e. vehicle movement is not updated continuously at large distances. this will make long range engagement impossible. fix this.

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Was the same in A2.
Time to fix it, BIS ? :P


Please provide us with a proper info to reproduce this issue.

1] Singleplayer / Multiplayer game?
-if multiplayer: Who is server and who client and who is commander and who subordinate and who is AI
2] your hardware configuration
3] your graphic settings
4] particular distance for example
5] example positions where you experienced this issue
6] assure that you are not using any mods and addons not-from-BIS
7] mission in which you experienced the bug

1] multiplayer
2] i7 3820, 16Gb ram, gtx570,
4] from maybe 1.2 kilometers and up
5] any position
6] no mods
7] online on a Wasteland server, Stratis Island ofc.

this (multiplayer) bug is ported from earlier arma 2 versions and it's not a minor CTI it's then impossible to engage from "long" ranges when target positions are not updated properly.

especially noticeable when a helicopter flies away form you. It will just disappear when it reaches a certain distance.