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In-Game hacker / Virus
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A hacker has decided to pester us with an annoying hack , which says that we should pester BIS until it gets resolved or to delete some files.

The file that was most likely modified is the installscript.vdf as it was modified the latest( I would attach it but it says that I'm not allowed to send you that file). Please can you get rid of this and enable a working version of Battleye on this game.

This has to resolved as quickly as possible. {F19140}


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Go to any multiplayer game for 5 mins and you will get the message.

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Please can you get rid of this and enable a working version of Battleye on this game.

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4 negative votes - this is the hacker?*

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

he said he wants them discussed... well here they are, we are talking about it and Bohemia is working at it as they told me in my filed issue against the hacker. If i could send that hacker a link i would..

Hacktivism on an open Alpha?

Is this going to be a Game whose direction is going to be determined by one individual imposing on all of us his or her own agenda?

"I want the following done or else I will be a dick to everyone"...

I think the Community and BIS all agree we don't negotiate or engage with people based on Blackmail or threats.

VOTE GREEN to say no to Dicks.

There are several different quotes from the 'hacker' which makes my think that there is more than one hacker, or the code has been posted on a hacking/scripting forum.

i think is a script virus, its not one hacker but a very well done script that infects on games wich played missions that include this script-virus.

that is really very fucking smart, and somewhat useless, as i see people dont understand what does "beta" or "alpha" means and they think as soon as a game is open it means its finished

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Duplicate of #7753

Roytjb added a subscriber: Roytjb.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

Aye, duplicate of 0007753.

Also you might want to make sure you have the right resolution and render resolution, they should match eachother, your screenshot is rather blurry.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

BIS are aware of the issue and are working on multiple fixes. However, since reports of hacking are not to be tracked publicly, this ticket is being closed.