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Alpha has been hacked for a couple of days now.
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I think you're aware of this problem, but the hacker wants us to "pester BIS" with the issue, untill he stops.

I'm not obeying the fool, because he's too dumb to use this feedback program himself, much rather than hacking the entire game, but i'll report it either way.

About 3 days ago it started, a message would appear on the middle of the screen saying something along the lines of "I will not stop until BIS_fnc_Mp is blocked" or something like that. With that message, every player online would get launched into the air in a basejumping stance, until they crash into eachother.

This has been going on for a couple of days and every day he made a new text, right now it's at the 4th, where he tells us to pester BIS until they fix this "Leaky bucket of a game". Obviously this man can't read the ALPHA tag.

In the first version of his hack, i also had it in singleplayer. Rumors are restarting the game would have stopped this, but i did not try it. I did play singleplayer recently without starting multiplayer, so i think your game gets "infected" as soon as you hit up a server. {F19135}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Join any multiplayer server
  • Hack should occur on the server in a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Go to singleplayer after having been in a hacked server, see if it happens there too.
Additional Information

Like i said, you guys probably are well aware of the issue, but i'll include a screenshot of the hack occuring in multiplayer as well as in singleplayer, these will both be the first version of the hack.

I will also include my most recent screenshot of the 4th version of the hack.

  • Multiplayer example of v1. Text is barely readable, it's the same text as the singleplayer screenshot though, so don't bother deciphering it. Every player was launched up in the sky until they crashed into eachother at one point (there were cars at that point and people would ram into them to their deaths)

  • Singleplayer example of v1. Text is well visible and you can see me being flung into the rocks, then dieing. This occured after restarting from a save file too. This was the diving showcase

  • Multiplayer example of v4. The fool is still at it and is now obviously feeling like batman or anonymous. Players are flung into the air and when they fall to the ground, they go into prone without taking damage, then they get flung up again. No deaths were included in this example.

P.S. Sorry if i picked the wrong catagory, i didn't find a very suitable one.

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Game get infected by joining a server. Mp and SP will no more work.

Restarting game, and SP will work again.

Roytjb added a subscriber: Roytjb.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

Yeah i mentioned that. But the most fun is in the multiplayer, as there's no campaign or prebuilt scenarios to mess around in yet.

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Right, i forgot, cheers for the extra explaination. Seeing as this has 22 upvotes and no downvotes, a moderator would definately take it seriously, lets keep adding as much information as we can.

Just wanted to say it, because you said you have not tested.

Keragon added a subscriber: Keragon.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

100% behind you on this one man. I put up an issue report like this too but mine got closed. I've been quite active in the steam community making this issue known but it seems that everyone is okay with dealing with this because "its just an alpha."

The thing people aren't getting is that even though its an alpha, major problems that prevent game play entirely (such as a crash), are addressed immediately. This is an issue that prevents game play entirely, its just not something they created into the game scripting. It still needs immediate action.

abudabi added a subscriber: abudabi.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

Here "installscript.vdf" which is an injection in the arma3 main directory

Thanks abudabi for the extra info and threads. I tried to set priority to the maximum, but i can't change it from "none"

This is not an issue.
It's an Alpha, and security is not a priority atm.
You're not supposed to play it like it's a full game. You're supposed to test it, and security is not on the priority list yet, and thus you don't need to test it.

And installscript.vdf is a file created by Steam, not by any hacker.


How should we test or report bugs when we cant play??


If someone exposes a weak spot on an alpha it is most definately an issue. Just because it's not directly gameplay-related doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed.

Also Oldirty is right, if this thing demolishes the entire game, there's no testing to do, unless you want to see how long you can stay in the air when flung up.

@oldirty: You play on private or protected servers.

@Roytjb: Of course it should be fixed. But as already stated, security is not a priority, not needed, and won't be added until later. Thus there's nothing to fix.


I have no clue about hacking, but this isnt a simple hack from a kiddy. Almost all servers are hacked. I didnt found one where i can play. Also almost all servers are empty because of that. Its an overall hack and runs alone. there is no player connected whos doing it.

I know what you mean. But this is a different kind of security problem and needs to be fixed.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:51 PM

BIS are aware of the issue and are working on multiple fixes. However, since reports of hacking are not to be tracked publicly, this ticket is being closed.