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Debug Console - watch fields continue to evaluate (execute) indefinitely while Arma 3 does not have focus
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If script code is entered into any of the Debug Console watch fields, and focus is switched away from Arma3 (alt-tab to another program), those lines of code will continue being repeatedly executed, even if Arma3 is loaded without the -noPause startup parameter. The code seems to be executed less frequently than it would if Arma3 had focus, but still many times per second. If code generates RPT reports, these are also logged indefinitely (which is probably the biggest inconvenience of this bug, many thousands of duplicate error messages)

Expected behaviour: When Debug Console is open, Arma3 should do nothing while it does not have focus (as with all other aspects of the game)


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open any other program.
  2. Open Arma3 in a window (start without -noPause startup parameter)
  3. Open the mission editor
  4. Place a player unit, preview the mission
  5. Push Esc
  6. In expression field enter and execute: foo = 0
  7. In one watch field enter: foo
  8. In another watch field enter: [] spawn {foo = foo + 1}
  9. Memorize approximate value of foo, then Alt-tab to other program
  10. Make a cup of coffee
  11. Alt-tab back to Arma3, compare memorized value against reported value
Additional Information

According to task manager, 1-2% CPU load is produced by the repro above, compared to 0% if alt-tab directly away from gameplay or any other menu.

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Related to #7752

This behaviour may explain why some missions can crash after being paused for any extended period (speaking of arma series in general) It would appear that although the simulation is paused, evaluation of vars, and possibly scripts continue. The debug console apparently exposes this.

ceeeb added a comment.May 10 2014, 2:23 AM

This issue is still apparent in Dev build 1.19.124229

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No change in 1.54

Issue persists in dev build 1.63.137921