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Boats dialog box (commands) missing after respawn
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Since the first game's version, when your boat (assault boat) simply respawns (with the vehicle respawn script v1.7 or v1.81) in a edited mission, you are not able to drive it, or get in, because the boat commands missing!!

Then, it's like a static object, that you can't touch or drive!

Sometimes, we can resolve this if whe have a engineer with us that can repair the "new boat"(<=> 0% damaged!!)...
Only with engineer but not always, we can take the boat another time, if he repaired it before...

... and we have to do this each time the boat respawn!


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Steps To Reproduce

1- put a boat (assault boat) in water with the respawn vehicle script
2- destroy it
3- and wait for it respawns

4- try to drive it, or get in!!

N.B : my respawn script :

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I'm using a vehcile respawn script in my clan's missions and everything works correctly.
Make sure:

  1. You're not missing something in the script usage
  2. The script code is correct
  3. When you don't get the actions, run away from the vehicle (around 10 meters) then get back to it, should fix it (issue there since A1 times)
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ok! I found.. it's not a problem with respawn, but with "pythos" island!... I will report it in another feedback!..
thx all!
you can close this one. ;)

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

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