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[request] a dynamic module for the whole island, civilians, blufor, opfor, independant..etc
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basically I was wondering if BIS could implement if not already planned to make a module that simply makes the island come to life.

i.e. towns are populated, bases are filled, random patrol through out island, airports are dynamic and working, skies are populated with planes (friendly, enemy, civilians) basically dynamically making the island alive

also maybe dynamic missions you can join at like bases and yehh :)

I suggest this as a module so there is the option if wanted.


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  1. click editor
  2. choose stratis or altis
  3. place the module im requesting.
  4. preview and enjoy :)
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I also understand this is probably asking for the moon here ha ha :)

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This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

does looked into mean a possibility of being implemented?

laywiin added a subscriber: laywiin.May 7 2016, 1:50 PM

I think it meens they have seen it and thinking on assigning it. or make it. maybe make an idea close to it.

Tho i run a good enough computer to say that if there was a module filling all the bases, the skies and towns it would really make FPS drop like hell :/.

civilian traffic is another thing that i really want in arma for a long time.

yeah maybe if we could configure it with sliders or something to control how the mass of the dynamic life on the island? even if it was a more advanced ambient civilians etc.

While the intent of this suggestion is ok, I would prefer to see it split into several separate modules. This seems to general in nature to be of much use.

I would like this module, but I agree with stonestriker. There could be a module for filling bases, one for air traffic, one for car traffic, one for civilians walking, etc. It would be amazing to have this kind of stuff, you could make a completely dynamic mission without having to have a ton of modules placed around your map. However, the AI would have to cooperate with the rest of the mission. Take air traffic control for example. A plane couldn't just land if you placed one for your mission on the runway that was going to take off..