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Helicopter dont want to descend
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When flying helicopters in arma 3 they dont want to descend. Even when you have the collective fully lowered, if you nose forward you wont loose height and will continue to fly. the only way to descend is to hover and get shot to pieces.


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Fly a helicopter

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don`t forget speed = altitude / altitude = speed.

but i know about you tell.... its need to tweak. lowest collective like 2-3 degrees. not 0-1.....

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Agreed. If you point your nose up only SLIGHTLY, you go up by 50 meters.

Get a littlebird, fly at as low altitude as possible at a high speed and just hold S. You can do backflips without even risking a crash.

Yeah the collective is incredibly unresponsive.
You should be able to slow down a fast moving helicopter without gaining altitude by gradually lowering the collective, however it is delayed so you quickly gain a lot of altitude exposing yourself. Right now, if you want to slow down, you have to do it way before the LZ, but then you are too slow upon arrival and an easy target for nearby units.

Dupe of #1970.