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Allow mounting attachments to the SDAR
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At this moment, it's impossible to attach optics/suppressors/flashlights/laser pointers to the SDAR, it makes the usage of SDAR for combat in land difficult.

Depending on the technology in 2030s, electronics/attachments may or may not be waterproof:

In case they are, it would be logical if you could attach them to the SDAR, except the suppressor and the laser pointer, which wouldn't function anyway.

If they're not waterproof, it should be possible to mount those attachments for usage on the land, and if you submerge while having a SDAR with attachments, they will either go to your inventory(not realistic) or simply you wont be able to hold/shoot the SDAR underwater(just like any other weapon)


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SDAR doesn't have a RIS/RAS system so it shouldn't be able to use attachments.
Also, the real life counterpart of this rifle can't mount attachments neither

@Kid18120:By the way, what is the real life counterpart to this rifle? I'm really interested in especially this weapon.

weird, i always though it was called "SOAR"

i really hate the ArmA 3 Font, you mistake "6" with "8" most of the time

The SDAR does have a rail system, its just a flat system rather than the ribbed picatinny or weaver. The iron sights are not integrated, after all. The IRL weapon is the Kel-tec RFB, which most certainly can mount attachments:

The only issue I see with optics on the SDAR is whether they are waterproof or not. RCOs being tritium based are fine, its reflex optics (like the backup ones on RCOs) that could be the issue. I know that at least EoTech military/police sights are waterproof
Even if it couldn't mount optics there is literally no reason to not allow suppressors to be fitted. Threading is just a matter of changing the muzzle head and as demonstrated by numerous military tests, any well-made suppressor will work just fine when/after exposed to river or salt water.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

For me, the only inconvenience with the SDAR are its sights. They're enough for underwater combat and honestly I don't see using a reflex sight while diving. But on the land, they are difficult to use. It's because the 30m zeroing forces manual compensation by aiming higher, while the thick front sight effectively obscures the target at medium distances, where 5.56 bullets are still very effective.

I was able to beat SCUBA showcase with SDAR alone, some kills made from about 200m, but it required more ammunition and was less convenient, than for example MX ironsights would be (with thin front sight). The sights alone limit SDAR uses on land to that of 5.56 SMG and a lack of suppressor limits its usefulness in covert underwater infiltration scenarios even further.

Also I've noticed, that SDAR has double purpose flippable backsight. It would be nice, if at least we could use it: the current two point, zeroed at 30m, for underwater combat and the ring type, zeroed at 200 or 300m, for on land shooting. It could be toggled with the same function, that allows for switching between a scope and a backup relex sight mounted on top of it.

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The RFB (SDAR, whatever) would really be a great weapon on land if I could put a scope or a flashlight on it. Like for assaulting an oil rig :D

gutsnav, this is not ground zeroes.