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Green and red chemlights are too dim relative to the blue and yellow ones, they pop out more often too.
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While experimenting with dozens of chemlights scattered in a small area, I noticed some problems:

  1. Farther chemlights pop out of view and pop in when you get closer or change youe view, though this is probably due to engine issues
  2. The red and green chemlights are drastically dimmer/weaker than their yellow and blue counterparts, as a result you can only view them from very close range, and due to:

3.Red and green chemlights pop out of view at close ranges too, while the yellow and blue chemlights at those ranges(and higher ranges) do not pop out. {F19089} {F19090} {F19091} {F19092} {F19093} {F19094} {F19095} {F19096}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set the time to night, in my case I was at 10:30 PM
  2. Grab many chemlights of all colors
  3. Go to a dark area, preferably away from existing sources of light(towns,bases)
  4. Place 4 chemlights of each color in a row, you'll see that the red and green lights are dimmer than the others.
  5. Place much more chemlights of all colors, you'll notice the popping effect and how much green and red lights are dim and weak compared to the yellow and blue lights.
Additional Information

I've attached pictures showing the issue(you can see on some pics the weak red/green lights relative to the other lights)

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This may actually be a feature. In reality your eyes will perceive colored light differently. I think the color green actually is one of the weakest colors.

Agreed with what Bullet said.
Another example is the red ligthing used inside submarines at night to shorten as much as possible the eye-adapting time between the outside and inside lights

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But for gameplay's sake they should be brighter, as they're useless right now. Or at least fix the pop out issue

ArmA is supposed to be a simulator.. while i do agree that certain aspects should be "tweaked" to ensure the playability (gameplay sake), other aspects should remain realistic and act as close as possible to real life counterpart.

One of those aspects is the Chemlight one
each color has a different purpose, mainly used are the following:

  • Green > Area clear, room secured, friendly units here
  • Red > Low-visibility mark
  • Yellow > Illumination, really high visibility

other colors are used to integrate the 3 above and/or other uses but these are the main.

EDIT: I do agree on the "popping" issue though

Human's eye is the least sensitive to red light and the most sensitive to green light. That's why you have red light filter on the Vietnam-era flashlights (to conceal it from enemy) and green light in NVGs (eye can distinguish the most details out of a green image). Blue and yellow fall somewhere between the two.

Yellow lenses on driving glasses work on the same principle. They filter out blue and near-UV part of sunlight and "turn" it into green, which improves contrast and allows for seeing more details.

Edit: We need IR chemlights also.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

They're very dim. And red and green can only be seen like 5 meters away while the others can be seen 50 meters away.

Within the latest developer version patched today (or yesterday), the popping-out lighting effect from street, building and runway lighting is fixed. (I forgot to reexamine using glow lights and approaching from a distance, but I'll assume it is fixed as well as it was a general lighting effect bug when arriving from a distance. ;-)

Unknown if the brightness of the different colored glow lights are fixed.

sarlac added a subscriber: sarlac.May 7 2016, 1:49 PM

Would it be possible to have light sources like this fade in and out instead of popping?

Within the Developer version updated just today or yesterday, the lights now do fade in and out, instead of popping-out.

Has anybody verified if this issue still exists within the Beta version?

From ground level, red chem lights appear as bright as green chem lights. From the air, or farther away, I think red again significantly dims?

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Thanks for updating the category and version.