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Allow players to place all buildings/structures in the editor
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Right now players have to do either some awkward backdoor method (going into mission.sqm and changing classnames), or download a mod someone has put together (that is usually missing some structures, or building features e.g doors don't work), in order to put down clearly ready-to-place objects in the editor.

This ticket is a request that you support this officially and add all of the placeable structures under appropriate categories within the editor.

The objects are great and allow mission makers to add much more variety to their missions. From the mods that people create* it shows that the objects are in a form that are ready to be used, so it begs the question why they're not in the list from the get go?

*mods such as:


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I understand this is Alpha and it could be that you're not done with adding assets, but as this was also the case with retail Arma 2 it makes me worry you're not going to do it again for Arma 3, which would be a huge shame.

While I'm mainly asking here for the larger, enterable structures. It would also be nice for all the small doodads like walls, telephone poles, electricity pylons, communication towers, building ruins and wrecks among other things. Give us the whole sha-bang and let us shock you with what we come out with!
(see the mods listed above)

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Yes a built-in "editor update" (as they were called by modders in previous versions of ArmA) would be a veeeery nice addition.

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Would love to see this. Also, if you add any visible structures/buildings in the editor they should be visible on the map. You could just add your own tiny villages/towns in missions!

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Indeed Also add any available object that is not by default in the editor yet. The old way of adding buildings with classnames is messy as you can't set the height of the buildings and objects, only the rotation.

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I laughed at the single person who downvoted this.


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@CSR Kryssar

TY... now maybe add all a2 content ;)

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