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100Rnd 6.5mm Stanag mags look like 30Rnd mags when loaded into any weapon except MXSW and vice versa
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This has been bugging me since I first started to play the ArmA series about 2.5 years ago, all weapons have a designated magazin look that doesn't change, even when you load in another magazine type, this is especially unlogical with the new "modular" weapon system of ArmA 3 that allows the weapon to have it's look modified.(With the attachements and similar things)

So what exactly i noticed is the following:

When you load in a 100Round 6.5mm Stanag magazine into any weapon except the MX SW it looks like a regular 30Round Stanag Magazine.

When you load in a 30Round 6.5mm Stanag magazine into the MX SW it still looks like it were a 100 Round magazine.


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For the 100 Round magazine:

  1. Get any MX weapon instead the MX SW.
  2. Load in a 100 Round magazine.
  3. Look at the magazine.

For the 30 Round magazine.

  1. Get an MX SW
  2. Load in a 30Round magazine.
  3. Look at the magazine.

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