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Please readd commanding delay
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One of the cool things in ARMA is the ability to command your squad.
Eg. having all your units hold fire, then wait for an enemy squad to come by, then telling everyone to "Fire at will".

In ARMA 1, when piloting a helicopter with a gunner, you could lock onto a target and say "Fire", and the gunner would fire a missile. In ARMA 2, this was changed to have the gunner fire the moment you started saying "Fire" rather than after, which really killed the immersion back then.

Now in ARMA 3, this applies to all commands given to AIs. They receive the order the moment you start issuing your command, rather than after you're done saying it.

This really kills it. It's like you're now dictating what your units are doing rather than telling them what to do.

Note, that this does not seem to apply if you're commanding "ALL" at the same time. But if you select all your units but one (or less), they'll do whatever you tell them before they hear you say it.


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Steps To Reproduce

Issue a command to any group member and they'll do it before you say it.

Step by step:

  1. Start the editor.
  2. Place a player-controlled squad, and add the following to the player's init field:

{ _x setCombatMode "GREEN" } forEach units group this;

  1. Place an enemy unit 10 meters in front of the player group.
  2. Preview.
  3. Select all units in the group and order them to "Fire at will". (How it should be).
  4. Notice how they wait until the command has been spoken.
  5. Restart the preview.
  6. Order all but one unit to open fire. Notice how they will start firing before the leader is done saying the command.

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Still killing immersion 3 years later...

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Nice video MulleDK19.

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Still there is a situation when the commander of the tank gives the order on the purpose, and the crew finds still other purposes. Your team - "Shoot", does not occur until the crew finishes the dialogue, about all purposes around.

5 years later, the lack of this still makes me weep :'(