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Killing a fish returns a civilian casualty
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Killing a fish will return a civilian casualty. This could cause issues in missions where civilian casualties are a concern.


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Detonate explosives (grenades/rockets/satchels/etc) in a body of water where fish typically spawn - near the shore works close to 100% of the time. You will then find civilian casualties in your statistics page. One grenade tossed into the water returned nine civilian casualties on one repro. Entries will be along the lines of "mullet DN", "salemna DN", "mackerel DN", etc.

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I'm sure PETA don't see a problem with this ;)

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Close enough to a duplicate of #1828
(all ambient wildlife with AI are on civilian side)

Save the sea kittens :)

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

I know it could seems confusing but in the core all these problem sre the same: Animals are civilian units.

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