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Mini-map for ingame UI
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A small optional mini-map for ingame UI would be very nice to have. This mini-map UI element can be located in any corner of the player's screen. This mini-map should also show direction in which a player is running to avoid using the compass as it's too bulky on the screen. The mini-map can also show some useful nearby objects like vehicles, etc that a player can interact with.


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Just use the GPS.

Voted yes for convenience's sake.

Knister, GPS is totally unacceptable. It blocks the entire screen so you can get killed while viewing it. It needs to be a small size square or rectangular shape mini-map on the screen that you can quickly look at it while playing. Also in my understanding the game takes place in year 2035 so it would be ideal to look more futuristic and technologically advanced rather than a simple compass as the only on-screen navigational device.

This mini-map will make GPS useless. Just improve GPS to be in better position and it will be ok.

Please make sure you have GPS item in appropriate inventory slot and let us know how that works on your side.

CSR Kryssar,

The GPS was exactly what I was looking for. Without this item equipped I thought I only had the large full-screen map to look at and I thought you were referring to the map as GPS at first. The GPS device is perfect. You can close this ticket then.


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+1 to improve GPS and make it in 2.5D or 3D as on car/mobile navigator maybe with ability to change views of map

@Kol9yN If you have some suggestions to GPS make a separate issue for that please.

This issue is closed as no-bug then. Anyway thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.