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Inclusion of a (more) user-friendly map editor
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Originally posted in the A3 CIT by ZeroG (

And i agree the Visitors 2 learning curve is extreme and it has some limitations i currently can't remember but i hope we get a better version post A3 release.


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I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Something like Cryengine 3's sdk or even Far Cry's editor.

Enemy movement should have it's own tab and have easier/more functionality.

Should be able to easily create a new map from nothing and texture it using the ingame textures and custom textures.

Should have to be both 2d/3d with a toggle in between the two.

Keyboard to command to enter/exit the player. (ctrl+g and esc on Cryengine 3)

I am competely agreeing on this. We need 3D editor and tools like upgraded Oxygen for Physx LODs. Also some tool for making vegetation.
VB-Edit is a nice example for 3D editor - but the same with ability to import sat maps @ masks, xyz and on-fly terrain modification.

Easy access to all ingame and custom user made objects and vegetations etc.


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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Oh yeah, has been in my mind for many many years now... When will I finally get to make and actual map in Arma. The current map making software is way too difficult to use and set up compared to some others ive tried. I really hope that when we get a new map editor its got atleast a "beginner mode" function to make it much simpler.

Is there any information about the new released map editor? More userfriendly?

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Did Terrain builder solve this?