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AI vehicles still can't go over bridges
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Apparently, the bug #2887 was supposed to fix this, but the AI with vehicles still can't go over bridges.. {F19028}


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The new fixed dev version didnt came out for the public already so ...

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@Baskiney: yes, it did. I am testing on the development branch, not the latest public 0.54 release.

Tested on version 0.55.104269

Heres what ive got and uploaded an image.
The Ai move across some bridges from some directions. And the civilian offroad behaved diffrently than ifrit for me and just bypassed the third bridge on the left, while ifrits drove over it all fine instead of choosing the offroad path.

The one on the left, no AI move from top to bottom, both ifrit and offroad.
They dont use the middle one at all. Sometimes they move on the bridge from top to bottom but stop on it and "no can do", and refuse to finish crossing it.

Also for some reason as a commander for a civilian, i dont issue orders verbaly, and the civilian ai doesnt answer aswell. Sometimes random snippets of words like "three" "front" unrelated to the issued orders are said.

If someone could do a similar test and see if they get the same results would be nice.

I am having the same problem.

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Still broken in latest beta, it was working in one of the later Alpha builds.

Aye, I'm not seeing it working here. *HOWEVER* I did notice that on occasion, moving the waypoints about a bit to formulate a straight line directly BEFORE and AFTER the bridge points (not on the bridge itself) then the vehicle(s) sometimes went across fine.

Marking as dupe of #10421 because the other bug has a repro mission.