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arma3 Chopper landing problems
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Choppers don't stick to the ground as soon as the wheels or skids hit the ground. Which is a great thing, now though when you land if you are travelling to fast it some how destroys the engine and other components of the chopper.


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Get in chopper, and try to land on a perfect flat piece of runway.

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Something needs changing, In arma 2 you could land a blackhawk while moving on the runway just fine.

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Yeah totally a bug, jez. sucks

You can land just fine on the runway or taxiways you just need to be below 100 knots and you still get that nice slide like you'd expect. You were just touching down too fast

I was not going 100knots, 100 knots is 185kmph, it has wheels and should land just fine.

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Skids sticking to the ground has been fixed in the dev version. As for wheels not working: #1106.