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Targetting pods for aircraft
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As a lot of you might know: most modern day aircraft such as the A10C Warthhog, the F18 Hornet and also the newer versions of the Little Bird such as the AH6I are equiped or are capable of being equiped with a high special camera called a targetting pod.

A targeting pod is basically a high quality all time and weather capable camera which is also equiped with a laser marker, modern aircraft use it for things such as reconassaince and for marking targets which will once marked be attacked by the aircraft itself with missiles or laser guided bombs or by another friendly munition which is capable using laser marks as guidance.
(watch wikipedia links for more information)

The ArmA series hasn't included anything such as that so far which led to the problem that it was impossible or very complicated for aircraft to provide close air support without the assistance of somebody with a laser marker on the ground.

I would suggest:
Make it possible for the co-pilot or gunner of attack helicopters to use a camera with FLIR as well as a Laser marker.
Make it possible to attach a targetting pod to one of the weapon stations of an aircraft.


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These are the wikipedia links to some of the targeting pods used by many western armies.
Litening Pod:
Sniper XR:

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Arma2 UH-1Y and Arma2OA Wildcat helicopters had camera pods capability and it was good for multiplayer. However, for some reason, it never worked with AI. Some mods allowed for using the FLIR pods, but it was a bit complicated: enter autohover, launch a missile as a pilot, switch to copilot, turn on the FLIR and guide the missile with a laser.

So yes, vote up + please make the AI actually use the pod.

Good old CAS without the pod is still possible, but it requires opening the map and marking spotted enemys with "Shift+left mouse" marker, which has its obvious limitations.

What they should do along with the TGP is add a moveable map thats apart of the MFD's for the F-35 or whatever opfor aircraft they plan to go with...The SU-47? That would be more useful because as stated above you have to open the map. With the F-35 not only would they have the Sniper Pod but also moveable maps that would be intergrated with all BLUFOR armor, infantry elements, and air assets. This is something that is already in place today and will be far superior in 2035. Im not for the whole GRFS style however i do believe we should be allowed some cool stuff like the networks and headcams.

In my opinion this is a fairly important feature for a military simulator like ArmA 3, so if you don't mind: would you distribute the link to some friends and maybe forums as long as it's allowed in them ?


The more things are simulated, the better for me :P

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Targeting Pod is an absolute necessity.

Arma 2 was terribly lacking this feature. the only solution was to guide laser guided weapons with a JTAC unit from the ground.

Modern jet fighters, UAV and helicopters are all able to self guide their own weaponry (GBU12, Hellifre, APKWS...etc)

BIS could try add to arma 3 something similar to the Mando Missile Addon originaly made for arma 2. (targeting pod strike at 2min50)

I enjoy working as co-pilot and giving the pilot instructions or notifications of "good hits" and stating "secondary explosions (sighted)".

I'm also able to make map modifications also much easier than the pilot.

However, co-pilots should have some added features over the pilot such as this targeting features or movable search lights such as Bug #1510.

Up voted -> Give the copilot something more useful to perform!

One thing that should be currently allowed and easily implemented, is for the ability for the copilot to see or monitor the radar (for enemy) as it is currently disabled. I've quickly opened the following and maybe easily fixable Bug #9701, "Copilot Cannot See Radar!"

Hopefully the bug numbers I've listed within my bug all make it into the final. ;-)

RogerX wrote : "However, co-pilots should have some added features over the pilot such as this targeting features".

this is only true when the jet is a two seats model. lot of jets fighters exist in single seat version. (F35, SU35, F18, F22....etc)
in the case of a single seat model the targeting pod is controlled by the pilot (exactly like it's done with the RQ4-A UAV).

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Related ticket by me, I'm requesting the same, but also adding CCRP/CCIP system for dumb bombs, and JDAMS.

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This was reported 6 months ago and we still don't get to lase our own targets with jets. Why hasn't this important capability implemented yet? Can any developer answer this? It is quite possible as cychou pointed out, it was done with Mando Missile Addon in Arma 2. Don't want to copy the whole system from Mandoble? Then modify it to make it original enough.

Close Air Support jets with laser guided bombs make no sense if they can't lase the target by themselves. Do the developers want to promote teamplay and force team mates to lase the target with laser designators? Well how about promoting realism which is the reason many people prefere Arma over the casual "run and shoot" FPS's?

The link to the video yet again:

You could make it simpler than in Mando Missile Addon. An example:

  1. Enter the targeting pod turret with action menu (obviously)
  2. While in the turret view, a click of the left mouse button would lock a specific point in the ground (and de-lock it)
  3. Default key "L" would switch the laser, as with the normal laser designator
  4. No need for fancy Continous Calculated Release Point as this would make it maybe a little too hard for the avarage joe, just lase and lock the bomb with the default "Tab" button

Edit: hope that didn't sound too demanding, but PLEASE, I ask you to look into it as it has major impact on realism and gameplay. Also laser designators for chopper gunners would be nice with missile lock-on capability. :)

Doesn't take much effort for foot players to carry a laser designator, as they usually do need some sort of viewing magnification anyways.

Since it is multiplayer, you're likely always going to have at least one or two players. Targeting pods are going to require more code when there are already plenty of bugs to fix. Although, I did vote for this issue, but speculate the feature will likely be hosted as an add-on.

Making things easier, is going to require the playing field to have more enemy hardened targets, requiring more CPU, etc. As long as they provide room for scripting an add-on, I'll be pleased.

"Doesn't take much effort for foot players to carry a laser designator, as they usually do need some sort of viewing magnification anyways." -rogerx

Sadly most players prefer rangefinders. Also, when playing eg. CTI mode and I take a CAS jet and ask my teammates to get laser designators, maybe 1-2 will get them and even then it's pure chance they get to lase valauble targets for me.

"Targeting pods are going to require more code when there are already plenty of bugs to fix."

This is a moot point since there are already UAV turrets with laser designators. Only thing needed to add script-wise is the ability to lock-on to a certain point in ground and this has been done in Mando Missile Addon mod in Arma 2 without bugs. Also they would need to add the targeting pod model for the CAS jets, but that is hardly a big inconvenience.

The biggest point however is the absence of realism and usability of the CAS jets at this point. Again, there is no point having CAS jets with laser guided bombs if they can't lase their own targets - since people rarely take the time to lase targets for strangers in MP. If they don't add targeting pods, they might aswel go back using the target-lockable Mk82 bombs from Arma 2 with the CAS planes.

Laser designator does the same thing as a range finder, or does the range finder also show compass degrees?

Agreed. But you have to realize if jets have targeting pods, why use the UAV's then? Game balance is probably a good reason for not immediately implementing this, not to also mention having players exercising the UAV code to display any possible bugs.

The issue I find really funny, I would expect laser designating from the ground should be far more easier due to the shorter distance of the laser from the laser designator. Designating a target further or from a higher altitude, is likely going to require a much more stable platform to use the laser. Hence, players should likely be encouraged to lase from the ground, versus depending solely on aircraft.

And I just realized, the AH-99 already has the targeting pod. Albeit, likely calibrated (or not) to the AH-99 flight characteristics.

Although I love guiding in 500+ lb pounds, I'm quite content... but still I'd like to see larger than 500lb munitions! I'm sure this feature will be eventually implemented. Love to see a two-seater jet, instead of having the pilot do everything. But then again, I usually fly alone in the AH-99, as most jumping into co-pilot is a big chance within the game. Not to also mention the guilt I feel when I screw-up. ;-)

A functional targeting pod is critical to a modern game like this. I don't think that can be stressed enough.

rogerx added a comment.Mar 4 2014, 6:00 AM

Would be trivial to add, and likely won't see this until ARMA 4. Or more likely an add-on.

  1. Targeting pod would be treated similar to attached munitions, such as bombs.
  2. Once added, they would enable additional targeting functions.
  3. Multifunction displays would need to be added, and likely the Ghosthawk already has partial radar MFD, only lacking radar objects and target selection functions.
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I can't see how it would be possible for a one-seater jet, but john spartan and saul's F-18 gunner seat has the ability to aim down the sights of what is basically the Blackfoot turret, except its only weapon is a laser designator. You can lock onto your own laser and drop a bomb on it. It's simple, but really well implemented. worth a look.

That this haven't been implanted yet is beyond me. Have been waiting for this since Operation Flashpoint!

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Already available for some time (approx. between EPC and Heli DLC).
See this post

Thanks for helping us improve the game!