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Release a sophisticated editor guide!
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New users who have a longing to learn some scripting may be less intimidated by having a guide to help with basic concepts. The internet is a good tool but the videos that are actually good, are spread out across the web too thin. We need a legitimate tutorial set that can teach us how to adjust map size, add objects, and script the proper way for this game.


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A digital guide would be fine, but a purchasable paper copy would be better.

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The editor itself is very simple to use (and the A3 editor is even simpler then the A2 editor), however since it's still an alpha not all the buttons have their names and descriptions.

As for a guide; the wiki has all the information you'll need about scripting, including usage examples (which can be found at the editor too). This will be improved after the alpha.

And there are 2 huge websites (both BIS forum and Armaholic) where you can find lots of information and scripts to use and learn from.

Scripting and mission making in ArmA is easy to learn but hard to master, but some people just prefer pre-essambled IKEA furnature...

Agreed with Grezvany13.
Also, there are usermade guides on the net (about ArmA and ArmA2 but applies perfectly to ArmA3, just different classnames that you can find on the wiki).

With some researches i've been able (at the beginning of my arma experience back in armed assault days) to make simple but fun mission and this evolved in the time by just continuing searching around and messing in the editor.

Making such a detailed guide would take way too much time to BIS.

Rather than spend 40hrs + Producing this (something we can do in the community) I would rather see that time put towards other bug fixes or maybe new Models. Rather than a "Professional looking Tutorial"...

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I'd rather BI focus on making a 3D editor that works but, as with Grezvany13 and Kid18120 there is more than enough community resources to effectively learn how to do just about anything in Arma, learning how to do great things in Arma just means practice make perfect.

As with any great game designer ever. Start simple, try your ideas and keep testing them and building on everything you learn. Designing games is not a easy thing, it takes a lot of time and some people have the motivation to create great things while others just want to only do it if there is some easy way, which there never is (There are easier ways but never a easy way). If you want to create great missions then start creating, there is nothing stopping you, all the tools that you'll ever need are right there.

I'm a modeller and a animator, I love seeing things visually, it's the reason that when BI announced that they would have a usable 3D editor I'm pretty sure I pee'd myself a little out of excitement and, it's the reason why I absolutely love working in the Unreal Engine so much.
But I wanted to learn how to make missions for my friends and I to play so I searched for some video tutorials on YouTube (I still prefer to learn things visually, Check out ArmaIdiot for Arma 3 tutorials and read the comments as they sometimes have a better solution) to get me started and then I jumped on the BI wiki when I wanted to go further with my mission design and now I'm pretty comfortable scripting missions for Arma 3, but not too complex as yet, I only started 2 weeks ago (though some things are still inconsistent and buggy which is frustrating but it's a Alpha).

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Some editor tutorial videos have been released that show the basics. Anything above that can be gleaned from the documentation at