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fireplace not burning
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Since last update " fireplace burning " is not lit by default. {F18992} {F18993}


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place "fireplace burning' and look @ ... not burning

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Working on SP mission, but with each update some fundamental that was working fine gets pooched... Mission relies heavily on fires that are lit by default, not burning since last update

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Its working for me, check the screenshot I uploaded. I took it a few seconds before writing this.

wuffman added a subscriber: wuffman.May 7 2016, 1:44 PM

Wish mine would... this is what I get...How do you make the .jpg show?

Can be worked around w/ "this inflame true" in the init of the object, but should work as labled; " fireplace burning "

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Unable to reproduce.

The burning fireplace is burning in current Dev build 0.55.104356

For you, perhaps ceeeb, but as the feedback tracker will testify ( " ")... NOT FOR EVERYONE. At least there is a workaround. If you have Steam ( and if you run the game you do ) all versions are lateral, so this is not an issue at this point. But thanks!

See Also BIS forums

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Dupe of #5770. Next time, search before posting.