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shell casings
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as you fire a rifle in real life your extractor in your bolt will pull your empty shell casing out of your chamber and push it out of your rifle to make room for the next round(bullet) to enter the chamber, it is a real immersing effect to have in the game if you have the ability to make the finger move when pulling the trigger then you should be able to add this( good work on the trigger finger movement, please make empty shell casings fly from gun as you fire weapon).


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This ticket should be removed. Why?
Kicking empty shells from chamber are here since ArmA 1 (I guess) and It is still present in ArmA 3 - but some weapons there have caseless ammunition present that does not need to pull empty shell as caseless means it shoots entire shell so there is nothing left in the chamber. So nothing to fix here.

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what about links in a belt of round they still discharge from the weapon even with caseless!

developers please don't let dumb kids ruin your game like they have to so many others with lack of knowledge and silly non-sense

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In 2040 I reassure you there will be shell casings in most used rifles, same as it is now, remember this is a realistic simulation game not one of your fantasy halo games of futuristic out of the world junk, its 2040 or whatever that is still not to far in the future mates, not much will change by then in terms of war and strategy and what the Military's can afford! and I hate to tell yeah but that future junk its really expensive way to expensive for service equipment!

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Shell casings are already ejected from weapons where appropriate. The weapons where this does not occur are firing caseless ammunition.

Works as intended.