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TrackIR/Freetrack: Head Roll is Flipped when riding BACKWARDS in a helicopter
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When using Track IR or Freetrack protocol, the head roll gets reversed when sitting in a position of a vehicle that faces backwards.

Note: I am using Freektrack NoIR 1.7 for this


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While using freetrack or track IR, get in a KA-60 Helicopter via "ride in back" and the head roll will be reversed (left is right, right is left)

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I have only tested this with the KA-60 thus far, not sure about other vehicles.

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Same behavior using TrackIR-5
Looking towards back of helicopter when seated on Littlebird bench, head roll is reversed.

This issue is still present in 1.26.126789.
In addition, shifting left/right is also reversed.

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Possibly related to issue number 0021652:

(TrackIR controls reversed when sitting facing forwards, but looking backwards in a helicopter.)

oukej added a comment.Nov 19 2014, 7:51 PM

This should be fixed in the next dev. branch update! (a different issue with similar symptoms is still present on positions where you can "turn" - e.g. gunners)

Thank you for helping us make the game better!