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NVIDIA Graphics Performance issues since 0.54 patch release.
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I have encountered a significant drop in FPS with the 0.54 release, I originally suspected that it was a potential SLI microstutter introduced with this patch but have eliminated that possibility by disabling my second GPU.

I have reset all graphics settings, removed all command line switches, reduced draw distance and visual settings well below what was used in 0.53. I have tried both the latest 0.54 release as well as 0.55 dev build with the same results, vsync enabled and disabled.

Tried NVIDIA Driver versions:
314.22 (Latest)


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My System Specs:
Win7 x64 SP1
I7 3930k @ 4.8Ghz
16Gb 2133Mhz

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since the last 2 dev builds...every time i start the game my FPS drops from 30~50(before) to 5~10(with new dev buils)... in one case i don´t know why the "game" alone becomes normal...but since the last dev build 0.55.104268 it´s just unplayable(5~10 fps).

OK...this is very strange. With this new dev build(0.55.104268) after restart for 7 times the game and steam (without pc reboot) the game became playable and FPS returns to 30~50 again....

this only occurs whe the game was updated with a new dev build.After that it´s playable again and i never have the problem again.

The problem just started with the 2 last builds

GTS450 here with last driver from nvidia(314.22 think)

Were you having the problem with the latest stable release or only the dev builds?

Im my case i´m using always steam with every dev build released...

Only in the last 2 the problem started.I´m using 0.55.104268

I´m open a issue before, but i´m myself closed because after 3 restarts of the game the game became normal, and i assume that was a problema with my evga precision, but it´s not the case now...

i just receveid a new update over dev build from steam, but the number remains the same(0.55.104268), and again my FPS drops to 5~10 when launch the game...

In the helicopter showcase on versions <0.53 I received a solid 60FPS with vsync on. With the latest dev build (104268) I still see my FPS fall as low as 12-23fps when there is any activity, for example firing rockets on the mortar crew.

Lowered my draw distance from 3800 to 2800, FXAA from Ultra to High, Clouds to standard, Shadows to standard, object, terrain detail etc all down from Very High to High. Still no significant increase in FPS.

The game is now unplayable for me, even with my more than reasonable PC specs (as listed above in additional info)

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053, was perfectwith my gtx680, now the frames dropp like f on the 54. :/

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I'm getting the same issue. Before the realise I was able to play it on high with 40+FPS , now I'm getting less that 20 FPS on low

This issue seems all but resolved for me since we hit Beta, I believe all I experience now is SLI micro-stutter which I'm sure already has its own issue ID.