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Bullet in the chamber lost when reloading a non-emptied clip
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If you reload a gun with a bullet in the chamber you should be able to shoot magSize+1 rounds before having to reload again. The game right now is not doing that.

Also for KH-2002 assault rifle, the soldier pulls the lever on the left of the gun every time he reloads even when there's a round in the chamber. He should only pull the lever when the chamber is empty. If there's a round in the chamber and lever was pulled the round should eject from the chamber.


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  1. Shoot a gun without emptying the mag (meaning one bullet is in the chamber right now)
  2. Reload (now you should have magSize+1 bullets to shoot before having to reload)
  3. Shoot magSize times
  4. Shoot now, you should be able to shoot the last round in the chamber but the game says you're out of ammo.
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Note that this only applies to guns that uses the chamber/mag mechanism. Revolvers (if any in future releases) shoot the bullet directly from the "mag" so this shouldn't apply to them.

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Agreed. A lot of games do this nowadays, and for something that's intended to be more realistic, like Arma, I don't think that it is too much to ask.

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