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Change default map to Topographical Map instead of Satellite View
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The Topographical map is infinitely more usable, relevant and more realistic than the default satellite map.

I only just discovered you could switch it over by clicking the layers button in the top right.

Please make this the default map (it is in the editor but in game) as its a hassle always changing it and I didn't even know the feature was there until I went out of my way to see if it could be changed. {F18954}


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Press M in-game. See the layers button in the top-right.

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It could just save the view you last used and don't change unless the user change it again, this way everyone would use the one they like most.

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@lucasmnunesk - yeah sure but still make topo the default if nothing is changed. I think its obvious by the % of upvotes that this is the preferred map.

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They could implement it as an option in the menus, something like: "Default map view: Satellite / Topographical"

Personally I don't use satellite at all.