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Can shoot while running
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I was with my assault rifle running and I hold the shoot button, the animation of the character still running but you are shooting while running.


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Run(2xW) and hold the shoot button

Additional Information

I was playing at Wastleland, with MX 6.5mm 100 round rifle.

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I just experienced the same problem.

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oh god, people are starting with this again?


a guy back when .52 was just relased complained that you should be able to run and shoot at the same time, the devs agreed, now you can do it, this is not a problem, but a feature, even though almost 90% of the votes on the ticket were negative, the devs added that into the game.

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Duplicate of #7593

(this report is older, but #7593 also address the fact the crosshair is visible while running, which implies that firing would hit near the crosshair)

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We have combat stance for firing on the move. This is not about that. This is a bug.

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Why on earth should this be a bug? They just fixed it and for me it seems to be working correctly now. You can pull the trigger while you are moving and you no longer see any "aiming animation" while doing so.
I'd rather like to see the possibility to shoot in your own legs while doing so, would be nice!

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.

The onlz problem is that crosshair of HUD is not responding to the diraction of the gun which is reported.

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