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Helicopters Flight Model/Dynamics - Very Archadish since last update (15th April)
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Helicopters flight model is now very archade like since last update (15th April). Helicopters are now taking increadible speed (150+) in just a couple of seconds...


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Could you revert back to the older flight model?

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Much appreciated!

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Not only they are arcade since the last patch, they were already arcade before the last patch.

For a game that claims to be a simulator, flight dynamics are almost as arcade as the ones in Battlefield, which are the most arcade flight dynamics I've ever seen.

I agree, but they were still a little better before the last patch

The collective seems to be much stronger in this update. I think it is intended to limit/prevent barrel rolls and loops (as mentioned in the SITREP).

They are still possible, just much harder with the collective forcing you down.

As a side effect there is much more forward momentum, yes, but this is only collective/acceleration. I do not notice any other change in the flight model (torque, etc).

They borrowed the current flight model from Take On Helicopters. Maybe at final release you will have the option to increase difficulty (like TOH). In general though, Arma is not a focus sim and BI has always opted to put in simple vehicle control. To my knowledge, BI has never "claimed" that Arma is a focus sim.

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