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Pistol lying on back high prone animation has been removed in the new patch.
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The animation for pistol high prone used to be lying on back, now the player will remain in a sitting position (making aiming directly upward look very silly).


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Go into high prone with a pistol, see that the better animation has been removed in the new patch.

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oh no, i loved that animation :( bring it back, please!

Don't see anything unusual/silly about high prone with pistol when pointing straight up (regular prone though always looks silly when doing this, but who lies prone and shoots straight up?).

The stance that you are wanting back *is* an actual position used by certain LE/Militaries, but usually only when you have sustained injury or other emergencies. It exposes too many vital areas and you can easily shoot yourself. The new/rifle high prone is much more useful/realistic, even with a sidearm.

I sort of see your point, though. It was a nice added touch. If forced to pick one, though, I'd say leave it like it is now.

i think they should limit the angle at which you can aim up when in prone

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sorry guys, it will stay like this.