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Multiplayer servers (bad server)?
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i only have a few servers to select, most of them have an X when i know i have been on most of them before idn why this is happening maby main arma 3 servers? i recently downloaded some mods but took the last one i put on off because of this problem any way to fix the problem when it says bad server when it waass working fine the other day? {F18876} {F18877} {F18878} {F18879} {F18880}


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People didn't get a chance yet to update their servers. give it some time !!!

Also please pay attention to some server names!

Servers with [DEV] in the name are running Development version of Alpha !!!

Can I ask Moderators to close this report since it's not an issue.

ok thank you for the info and once my problem is solved i will take it out

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It isn't an error, buddy. The update was just hours ago and the server admins need a chance to update/restart. This is going to happen every time there is an update. ;)

The X just means the server is running a different version of the game than yours. You will still see that on some servers long after the final game is released.

ok kool thanks bro ill delete this post

how do i delete this post lol?