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Helicopter rotors
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I've noticed in arma 3 that when you crash your Helicopter the rotor blades disapear. To improve the visual of a horriable chopper crash,it would be fantastic if you could see the model of the blades bleed apart, and if they had collision with things such as ,Walls,trees, and other such objects, and maybe if it crashes into the ground the momentum of the blades mite kick up the dust and get flowen apart by the ground ?, I know its alpha most of the core stuff is being worked out, but maybe one day.


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Fly a Copper, crash into something.

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Indeed, would be very cool to see parts of the rotor blades flying through the air, hitting other objects and players!

There's another issue with the rotor blades and the rocket launcher of the AH9 chopper, even though I've already reported it it hasn't been assigned yet, the issues are the following:

The fuselage of the chopper has to look damaged in order to see the white and yellow markings on the rotorblades.

Cannot see the rockets sticking inside the pods from inside the chopper while in first person view.

Cannot see the rockets sticking inside the launcher without having entered the chopper atleast once.

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@Akinari-san: If your tickets haven't been assigned yet, I think there is a reason for it. Please, just don't spam other tickets with completely unrelated issues.

Though what you describe to be a little intricate and over the top for just a crash... I would vote up because heli crashes do need a little more to them. Right now crashes look rediculous. I will post some footage of real crashes later to show what it needs try and mimic.

here is footage of helicopter crashes. here we can see most common crashes, damage is dependant though.

Check from 1:00
and here is a compilation:

As for blades and other parts being ripped a part, BI could create a nice particle effect of these objects for this as well as other debri, also allow the chopper to maybe have it's tail break off, seems to be pretty common in most crashes to break off.

But what would be most useful is a decent oversized dust cloud particle effect that can be brought up on impact, that can engulf the heli as it gets "deformed" (changes model to destroyed). This will make heli crashes much more dramatic like the real deal, and generate a sense of power when colliding with earth or water.

Also, this might not be the place to mention, but i suppose couldn't hurt, but helis really are too vulnerable to tip of tree tops, like really, the tip at the top of a tree is probably it's weakest, and should not destroy a heli, at most it should just knock the heli into an unexpected angle which could bring the pilot to a crashing halt, however more often than not, i find that it destroys my heli on impact...

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Duplicate of #1803, among others. (Rotor collision and dust also have tickets.)