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No or little reaction from enemies when hit/killed
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When tagged, enemy bodies don't seem to really react much from the shot. For example, when a enemy is killed by a headshot, they just drop; if they're prone, their heads just fall straight down. You'd expect that if a guy was shot in the head with a rifle, it'd snap back or something from the bullet impact, or fall off to the side rather than face straight down. Same with limbs - there's no real feeling that you've hit them. Often if AI is hit in the leg, they jump straight up and run away.
Visually, it jars when there's so much emphasis put on gun recoil which gives the feeling of a powerful weapon being fired, but body parts don't react to the impact of a bullet.
I feel like it'd add more to the immersion if you could really feel the damage and impact done by weapons.


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This is specially necessary for a game that claims to be a simulator. I also proposed this but the moderator misunderstood what I was asking for and merged some topics.

I haven't even played multiplayer, but I don't want it to be COD-style, where you can shoot someone in the back with a not-very powerful rifle and he can turn around and even kill you.

It is unrealistic how you can shoot an enemy and he can even run after that...


Enemies should do back flips or cartwheels into the sky, fall apart like Humpty Dumpty or Mr. Potato Head, or perform a preamble last dance prior to grasping their necks with both hands and falling flat onto the ground on their backs.

Humor us. ;-)

But on the flip, when you do shoot somebody dead, they're dead. Not much to be seen after shooting somebody dead, as they're dead dead dead. Including, shooting somebody from a distance, (ie. Greater than 50 foot distance), most times, the shooter isn't going to see much at all. As such, probably best to focus coding efforts on more productive features. (Although, I still voted for this.)

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"perform a preamble last dance prior to grasping their necks with both hands and falling flat onto the ground on their backs"

This! Like in John Woo's movies - guy is a friggin' genius, he-he!
Seriously though - ragdoll obviously needs some minor tweaking but all in all it looks and works just great. It is done exactly how it should be done - realistically. Downvoted.

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Hey OP here. While it'll be hilarious for an enemy to do a dance of death, I wouldn't go so far. For me at least, it just feels jarring that there's quite a lot of recoil, which is fine, but there's no corresponding impact on the enemy (which defies physics). It's especially obvious when the enemy is prone.
But @Maxyz, you're probably right, it'll just take some minor tweaking to get it feeling right.

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just more interesting animations would be great

Might be a good task for when the developers are home sick or on vacation, or in jail. ;-)

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This is a dead topic, people don't do much when shot dead. They fall. End of story. I could post some video of people being shot and the actual reaction but this is not ogrish so I won't.

@sarlac - and what THEY do when shot not-dead? Move their hips back for half of the milisecond - just like when having quickie?

I remember devs said that active ragdoll is possible in the engine. That would make things much more realistic than just - shoot and see the bot falling and collapsing itself - like there is no bone structures. Good thing is that there is option for the body to fall and still be alive. Now neccessary would be some animations for hits, so when player or AI gets hit swoon/it loose it's balance and then fall on the knees or so - it would look much more varied and realistic.

Even simple simulation of skeletal system can make ragdoll looks better and much more realistic, especially when falling preventing body from taking weird positions.

I currently (as well as most others) really enjoy when; Upon exploding, a person or vehicle goes flying hundreds of miles into the air.

Whether glitch or an artistic programmer is causing this under certain circumstances, cheers to those for adding some excitement and preventing complete boredom. ;-)

Well, if made realistic it would not be boring. For me personally - sack-of-potato ragdoll is boring. But rest of the game looks amazing and I really enjoy it.

IMHO, part of the immersion of this game is how anti-cinematic it is when people get shot. No cartwheels please! However I did have an idea for a mod later on down the road, where people shot in the head would twitch for a minute or two on occasion... would that satisfy your bloodlust?

Well, nope because when we talk about lethal shots bodies ACTUALLY DO drop like a sack of potatos. Brain is dead so self-preservation is out of question. But actually most of shots in A3 are non-lethal (wrong health system is an different topic) which means that brain is ok. If so then it should prevent the body from taking further injuries. I can't imagine someone catching an .50 cal bullet and still being able to run afterwards - what happens quite often in A3 - and note that i didn't even mentioned no reaction to that .50 cal. But yeah, that might be too lusty to ask for

Are you talking to me fragmachine? I was talking about dead bodies twitching or otherwise moving creepily after half their brain goes bye-bye.

Anyway I'm sure non-lethal shots will have some effect eventually, as this was the case in ARMA 2. And for all intents and purposes I would think .50 cal should be 1 hit kills pretty much. I'm sure it is all yet to be tweaked.

.50 cal rounds are 1 shot kills, but the weapons aren't penetrable (yet?) so if you hit a rifle it magically blocks the shot.

Bots act like bots. I mean, really like robots. They do not act human at all.

They get hit by a bullet from behind into the backplate and just get bumped by the hit. As if something only itched on their back, they turn around immediately, see you, and shoot you right into the face at the 1st~2nd shot. not very human.
Even if soldiers are well trained, they cannot act like robots. Also they could not just fight normally until their systems give up and they collapse.

A soldier would be knocked over (esecially when he is surprised) and would get thrown to the ground or at least lose his balance. After that he must recover and get his mind clear before he can engage normally.
Some effect should be there, maybe you get set into ragdoll as if you were hit by a car in-game and you return into a prone position. It should only apply if you are hit in the chest/stomach/neck(if wearing neck armor)/and legs.

Notice; if everything is programmed correctly, you'll see simple stubs within the programming source code for inserting more random and more complex results.

The monotonous rag-doll reaction when a "first person" dies, or the simple glitch reaction when the AI are hit, are all very basic simple static monotonous reactions. If programmed correctly per my initial statement, one could write more elaborate code such as using the random number generator for responding with more random reactions!

For example; if we get a (true) random number generated alongside a inserted statistic range, if true then respond like some Meth crazed addict and keep moving forward while blood is squirting out everywhere. However in my opinion, this is really all eye-candy at this point and I think should be forked into the user modification area! I think the programmers have solved this bug with inserting a simple hook, and as long as the hook is able to be scripted for forking for user modifications, we can close this issue.

Personally, I would be more interested in the general public's creativity versus reactions based on medical evidence. (Much more research would likely be required, diverting from core engine features or bugs.) In a realistic point of view, once you're dead, you're dead.

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Same goes for players though.