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Speed of sound simulation missing - vehicles
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Speed of sound for weapons was fixed earlier, but speed of sound still does not apply to vehicle sounds. Helicopters, and later jets, seeming to be the most important.
Speed of sound for vehicles is not present, atleast that's the conclusion I've come to after some testing.
I could be wrong here.
Anyone else tested this?


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Place yourself as infantry facing north in editor.
Place a helicopter so that it will pass you at around 200m distance and set it to "flying" and make sure you can see it from where you stand.
Give the helicopter a waypoint so that it flies east/west.
Start and hear the sound coming instantly from where the helicopter is.

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Thing like Doppler effect, speed of sound and also distance/attenuation.
But devs can you please also considerate the environment sound distortion, reverberation and other things like this brilliant mods do :

Also please tweak things like tire sound, its horrible, car horn and the Gatling sound, rather than put a sound per bullet, a general single sound when we shoot, it will be way better !

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So now we have a jet, but still no speed of sound for it. I honestly think it feels a bit awkward when the sound comes instantly from the jet.

Well, in just a bit over a month it will have been a year since this was assigned.. what happened?

Noticed this in Arma2 aswell, jet gets destroyed, jet engine sound stops as soon as the jet is being destroyed but the explosion sound is being delayed properly.