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Characteristics of Items are not displayed
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When you're looking at backpacks, vests and clothes in the inventory you can only see the name and the look of those items, this could be considered a problem because you can not see how much these items can contain and things such as that. this could probably lead to confusion especially for newer players when getting gear at the beginning of a mission > you would have to try out the characteristics and abilities of these clothes and backpacks first.
Due to that a few friends of mine and myself think it would be really useful if the following would be displayed when you hover above the item with your mouse cursor:

How much the piece of clothing/backpack itself weights.(This should be added to all other items as well)
How much the piece of clothing/backpack can hold.
In case it gets implemented, the level of protection of a vest.
Special abilities, like the underwater breathing of the "Rebreather" or the clear underwater view of the "diving googles".

Apologies in case this has already been adressed.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go into ArmA 3.
Start a game.(Editor. Showcase and things like that)
Open your inventory.
See that the characteristics of your clothes and backpack are not displayed.

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