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[Alpha 0.55.103960] Tactical pace + stance adjust prevent standing up during movement
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If get in tactical pace, then in one of the stance adjust poses and start moving, transition from crouched movement to stand up movement is blocked.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor, place yourself as BLUFOR > Men > Rifleman, preview.
  2. Make sure you ARE NOT IN tactical pace and standing up
  3. Stance adjust to the left (Press "CTRL + A")
  4. Start moving forward and pressing the Crouch ("X") key repeatedly
  5. Notice that you're toggling between crouched and standing stance
  6. Restart mission
  7. Make sure you ARE IN tactical pace (Press "C" key) and standing up
  8. Stance adjust to the left (Press "CTRL + A")
  9. Start moving forward and pressing the Crouch ("X") key repeatedly
  10. Notice that you can go into crouched run state but not back up into standing run state
Additional Information

Alpha 0.55.103960 - Dev branch

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Confirmed. The combination of Combat pace + Adjusted stance breaks the toggle crouch on-the-move functionality.
See also #3029.

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