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Clarification of VON Direct Channel Usage!
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It is a common misconception here that voice Direct Channel is for only directly speaking within a few feet to one another. When in essence, within the radio world, direct channel or a channel of limited transmitting distance without utilizing a repeater is the correct definition.

Without such a direct channel, would force or further restrict all communication including idle chatter, to either Side or Vehicle Channels leaving no radio channel for local area radio chatter!

If you look at your map, you'll notice a radius circle around your current location within the map. This is very similar to the capable transmitting range of your hand held radio without using a repeater. Possible transmitting range of hand held radios are somewhere less than 1-10 miles -- extremely variable and more dependant on hardware and possible carry weight. Global, Side or similar channels using a repeater allow 100+ miles transmissions.


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A very good thread on this can be found here:

(HINT: Search for "direct" within the text.)

Quote from the thread, "The reason you go to a direct channel is if you cant hit a repeater or control station NOBODY on the fire ground can hear you at all."

Now, if for some reason I'm wrong with Bohemian Interactive's integration for the Direct Channel and BI defined it only for normal voice communications, it would be of little use, as most players are spread over a large distance and are rarely within normal voice communication of themselves. Although, very likely what is happening, server administrators are integrating patches, improperly redefining Direct Channel, further confusing many players.

According to common radio protocols, I restrict my chatter to the locality I'm in, avoiding overloading of the Side and Global channels.

This needs to be clarified, as there is much chatter on the Internet improperly defining Direct Channel. What I'm seeing are confusing terminology such as "Direct Communication", "Direct speak", etc.

And if somebody is making patches making simple "voice communication" possible, the naming should be completely differentiated from the VON "direct channel", such as "VOICE" all in bold capital letters, in an effort to distinguish the two.

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ie. Bug #4089, Comment at 2013-04-11 02:20, "Do people not get that direct channel is proximity voice, simulating speaking directly?"

I agree, as someone not familiar with the radio usage, I did find Direct ambiguous. Is it proximity or is it direct radio communication to another player. I don't use it, I just use side channel.

Direct is and was always speaking open in-game as simulating voice of the avatar (opposed to radio). Thus only other players in your proximity will hear you.

There is no such thing as a in-game "whisper" to another player.